Anne’s Story

Anne moved to Alameda in 2001 with her daughter, Anna. Anna had struggled in her previous schools because of an undiagnosed learning disability. Not only was her education level far below her grade level, but she was accustomed to ongoing teasing from fellow students. Within six weeks of her enrollment to what was then called Chipman Middle School, her disability was diagnosed and a learning plan was set into motion. Equally important, Anna found herself surrounded by students who were accepting of her challenges and supportive of her struggles.  From that moment forward, Anne has dedicated herself to Alameda’s public schools.

Anne was so impressed and grateful for her daughter’s successes that she wanted to give back to the schools in her new community. Anne joined the board of the nonprofit Alameda Education Foundation, and served on it, including terms as Treasurer and President, from 2003 until she joined the AUSD Board of Education in 2017.

Her dedication to Alameda’s public schools did not end there. Anne swung into action when the state cut $4,000,000 from AUSD in 2008. Anne volunteered for the Measure H Parcel Tax campaign, clocking hundreds of hours phone banking, door knocking, and helping to get out the vote. Three years later, when the state cut an additional $18,000,000 from the AUSD budget, Anne took on the role of Fundraising Chair for parcel tax Measures E and A. During that time, she raised more than $250,000 and again worked hundreds of hours to ensure local schools remained open; class sizes remained low; crucial academic, arts, and athletic programs stayed strong; and more than 150 teachers kept their jobs.

After the passage of Measure A in 2011, Anne continued to serve AUSD by joining the Measure A Oversight Committee (she was chair of the committee in her final year.) She was on the Steering Committee of the Measure I facilities bond that was passed to help improve school safety, expand overenrolled school sites, and renovate Historic Alameda High School. More recently she served as the community member on the Enrollment Committee, which was convened to develop recommendations for streamlining and making the district’s enrollment policies more equitable and user-friendly.

She has also supported Alameda’s students as a board member of the Alameda Boys & Girls Club, served as the Secretary for the League of Women Voters of Alameda, and volunteered for Alameda Meals on Wheels.

With over 30 years of business experience, including more than 20 in the field of accounting, along with 15 years of advocating for Alameda’s students, Anne brings a fiscally balanced and community-oriented perspective to the school board. It’s a fact:  AUSD, along with districts throughout California, continue to face restricted funding and increasing costs. As a member of the current school board, Anne has shown her ability to meet these fiscal challenges head on, working effectively with her fellow trustees to look deeply into district finances during the 2018-2019 budget process.  Anne believes it is crucial to continue exploring options to ensure that public funds are utilized efficiently and effectively. The Board will continue to be tasked with critical decisions, including determining if consolidating high schools would provide financial relief. In this and all decisions, Anne’s primary responsibility and motivation is to ensure that Alameda’s students are given the opportunities they need to reach their greatest potential in an atmosphere where they feel safe and nurtured.  

Anne would appreciate your vote on November 6th and the opportunity to continue to represent the Alameda community on the AUSD Board.