Here’s what parents, teachers and community leaders say about Anne

Anne’s enthusiastic dedication to the education of the children of Alameda and beyond is inspiring to behold. Anne has my great respect and support as she is an outstanding board member with her thorough, thoughtful, collaborative style, helping AUSD to provide an excellent educational environment for children.
~ Delaine Eastin, Former California State Superintendent of Public Education ~

Anne has supported our schools for years in many ways including the Education Foundation and working to support our funding for our schools and teachers. She prepares herself and is an independent thinker. We agreed and disagreed on issues, but I never have felt she didn’t have the best interest of the students and our schools in the forefront of her thoughts and decisions. We need school board members that know the history and also have a vision for the future. Anne is that person!
~ Ron Mooney, Former AUSD School Board Member~

Anne will truly advocate for all students in AUSD.
~ William Schaff, Former AUSD School Board Member~

Anne is truly one of best informed citizens of Alameda regarding educational policy, programs and our school structures. She has been and will continue to be a tremendous asset to the growth and vision of AUSD.

~ Margie Sherratt, Former AUSD School Board Member, Retired Principal-Alameda High School~

I had the pleasure of working with Anne on the Measure E (2010) and Measure A (2011) parcel tax campaigns. She was the Fundraising Chair. She raised over $250,000 to help fund those campaigns. She didn’t have children in the AUSD schools by that time but she knew the importance of volunteering and raising money to help pass the parcel tax to save our schools. Anne has continued to dedicate her time and effort for public schools in Alameda. She understands public school finance and the importance of advocating to the State to fix the funding issue for public education. Vote for Anne!
~ Sarah Olaes, Enrichment Program Director – Alameda Education Foundation; Committee Chairperson for Parcel Tax Renewal campaign~

Anne is extremely knowledgeable about and committed to the education of all the children of Alameda. She has worked tirelessly on multiple committees to ensure our students get the best education possible. She is an asset to our School Board.

~ Carol Robie, Retired Administrator AUSD ~

No one can match Anne’s experience, knowledge, judgment, temperament, and character. She understands Alameda schools and the essential role they play in fostering the health of our children and our community.
~ Bram Briggance, Former President PTA Council; Spokesperson for Measure I Bond Campaign~

Anne has always been a firm advocate for all students and families. I was fortunate to have her support as the co-founder of the AUSD LGBTQ Roundtable.
~ Sean Cahill, Co-founder AUSD LGBTQ Roundtable~

Anne is passionate about our community and shows it by her actions. She is involved in many organizations and cares about our schools! She is a very qualified, distinguished candidate who will represent us well on the school board!
~ Steve Cressy, Alameda Boys & Girls Club, Past Chairman~

Anne truly knows the schools and the community. She has given freely of her time and energy for years to the Alameda Education Foundation, is a great speaker and able to put in the work necessary to improve
our schools!
~ Diane Foster, Former Board Member Alameda Education Foundation, Former School Teacher~

I am endorsing Anne for Alameda School Board. Anne will be a tireless advocate for AUSD, it’s teachers, students & their families. Anne will bring her critical thinking skills & ability to solve the complexities of a school district facing the realities of reduced funding and other challenges. Anne’s in depth knowledge comes from her sustained involvement in the District for many years. Anne is the best candidate for the School Board.
~ Sally Rudloff, N.A.R. National Good Neighbor Awardee~

Anne always puts the best interests of students first. She has a strong grasp of the issues and of the importance a strong school system has in the community.
~ Vicki Sedlack, Executive Director Alameda Education Foundation~

Alameda could not ask for a more prepared, knowledgeable, and passionate school board member than Anne McKereghan. I’ve served on several boards with Anne and have always been impressed with what she brings to the table.
~ Courtney Shepler, Treasurer- Alameda Education Foundation, Former Chair-Measure A Oversight Committee~

I met Anne while attending meetings for the enrollment committee. She actively listened to everyone’s point of view and seemed to give fair and honest feedback whenever she spoke.
~ Brian Dodson, AUSD Teacher~

Anne has our school community’s best interests at heart; her positions on key issues proves it. I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing her work toward consensus in AUSD task forces. I believe she is a candidate
that will work toward the good of all Alameda children and their families.
~ Lynn Christiansen Esquer, Parent~

Anne is so positive and personable. Always presents an open mind to peoples’ views and opinions. Alameda Schools are so lucky to have her kindhearted spirit to represent the needs of our children.
~ Yvonne Elkins, Parent, Realtor~

I want to go on record as endorsing Anne McKereghan for School Board. Anne has volunteered and been active within the AUSD and associated organizations for over 10 years. Her contributions and commitment are unsurpassed and her determination to continue to enhance education for our children is her passion.
~ Justine Francis, Parent~

Anne knows teachers are AUSD’s single greatest resource, and with her vision, dedication, and boundless energy she has provided significant support to our schools. She is willing to listen to opposing ideas and is a thoughtful, responsible decision-maker who possesses sterling integrity, and I look forward Anne’s positive guidance as she leads AUSD forward.
~ Carla Greathouse, AUSD Teacher~

We need more school board members who personally understand the needs of students with learning disabilities to ensure the success of all of Alameda’s students. Anne’s history of success makes me confident that she will represent the best interests of students and families all over Alameda.
~ Angela Hockabout, Parent~

Anne is a tireless supporter of our schools, with an ability to listen and effectively engage with members of our community. I’ve seen her participate deeply in school district issues since I moved to the Island 10 years ago. Thank you Anne!
~ Jen Laird, Parent~

Knowledgeable, forward thinking candidate. Anne is the one to vote for!
~ Don Sherratt, Retired School Administrator AUSD~

I had the pleasure of serving on the Measure A committee with Ann, her dedication to all AUSD children remained at the forefront of her actions. I’m confident my children attending public and charter schools will benefit from her community approach and fiscal oversight. Join me in supporting her for our school board!
~Sherice Youngblood – Mother, Community Volunteer, Social Worker~

I support Anne because she recognizes that improving education is vitally important work. She knows it is difficult and not easy. She combines the willingness to dig into the issues in depth, seek solutions and continually push to get improvement implemented. She combines tenacity with impatience, knowing full well that kids can’t wait! I appreciate Anne’s long-term contributions to Alameda Schools that literally benefits all our citizens.
~ Kirk Knight, Alameda resident~

Anne is tirelessly dedicated to Alameda schools.
~ Maureen Shandobil, Alameda resident ~

I appreciate Anne’s ongoing commitment to the STUDENT needs in the Alameda Unified School District.
~ Christine Strena – Parent, Special Education Advocate

Since I met Anne in 2003, I was immediately impressed at her passion for our schools. She sought to serve in every possible capacity and was very active in events and projects that involve improving our schools. She most definitely has my vote.
~ Pacita Dimacali, Alameda resident ~

Anne is passionate and motivated to do what’s best for our children. We need
her on our school board. Please vote For Anne McKereghan!
~ Linda Posadas, Alameda resident ~

Anne has her priorities right. She really cares about the kids in Alameda, and is a great advocate for our schools. Thank you for all you do, Anne!
~ Rick Weber, Alameda resident ~


Anne McKereghan For Alameda School Board 2018