Vote Yes on B1- Support the Parcel Tax Renewal.

One of the most important decision’s Alameda voters face this November is whether to support the renewal of our existing parcel tax. Passing this Measure is very important to our students, teachers and community and I have made it a key part of my campaign.

In 2011, Alameda passed the existing parcel tax by over 68%. The monies received represent approximately 12% of the AUSD budget and support programs our community value including 25-1 class size for K-3 students, AP classes, after school sports and ROTC at our high schools, innovative programs, adult education, and so much more (Follow this link for a complete list of how the revenues are used.) The renewal will not only extend the $0.32 per building parcel tax (No Additional Taxation!) but fund the same programs established in 2011.

Equally important, “To ensure public accountability and fiscal transparency” voting Yes on B1 will again require the establishment of a Community Oversight Committee of 11 residents who will meet throughout the year and present an annual report of their findings to the Board and Community. I was proud to be appointed to a 3-year term beginning in 2011 and was elected as Chair for the 2013-14 school year. Committee reports and information presented by staff can be found at this link for every year the parcel tax has been collected.

Please Vote Yes on B1 November 8, 2016!

For more information and to endorse, contribute, volunteer or request a lawn sign, please visit the Alameda Save Our Schools website


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